All of our doctors hold themselves to high standards. Their successes are their rewards. Below, you’ll find a selection of testimonials from actual patients for the physicians on our staff:


1/18/11: Approximately 4 years ago, Dr. Lee provided my 32-year-old husband with a new lease on life after performing successful back surgery on a ruptured L5S1. Dr. Lee’s professionalism, confidence, and empathy made the entire experience less overwhelming to both my husband and myself. Dr. Lee’s review of the MRIs gave him a clear indication that pain management and therapy would not ease the issue my husband faced, and he was able to schedule him for a 2-hour-long surgery within the week. The pain relief was instantaneous. When a doctor has the ability to change a person’s mental and physical well being by surgically eliminating constant pain (without the use of medication), I would rate that individual as an expert in his field.


1/22/09: My daughter saw Dr. Ayala for a seizure disorder for over six years. He has always been there for us when we needed him. I know he has given 110% while trying to find the right medications for her. He always has a smile on his face and was fantastic with our daughter. He held her and would hug her goodbye after each appointment. I found him to be easy to talk to and never left his office without every question answered. He always lifted my spirits and gave me so much hope when I felt there wasn’t any. We moved out of state about six months ago and found that he was the hardest person to say goodbye to when we left. He was our lifeline for so long. I wish I could find another doctor half the person he is.

9/28/07: I love the fact that Dr. Ayala never makes a decision for you. He always gives you all your options and helps you make an informed decision. He has been my neurologist for going on 3 years now.


4/3/09: Dr. Martin cares! He was there for me when my doctor was out of town. The diagnosis was difficult and not a good one, but he kept looking until he figured out what was going on and then, on his own time, followed up with me to see how I was doing.


5/3/09: Dr. Fuhrmeister is the nicest and most helpful doctor that I have ever seen in Tallahassee.


Dr. Ricardo Ayala’s diagnosis of my daughter at the age of 14 of Mytonic Dystrophy in 1977 was so on point! Dr. Ayala was very specific in his diagnosis and very knowledgeable he gave her a battery of test before he did the EMG test that determined his findings. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Ricardo Ayala and his staff that assist me with my daughter’s condition! There was 2 other Doctors on staff that also confirmed his diagnosis! I highly recommend Dr. Ayala at time he was the Head doctor in the State of Florida treating and diagnosing this disease!
Thank you, Dr. Ricardo Ayala MD Neurologist.