Our Practice

Tallahassee Neurological Clinic’s physicians work closely with your primary care physician to provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. Our physicians and staff assist patients in understanding their particular neurological or spine health condition and associated treatment options. 


Since 1968, Tallahassee Neurological Clinic (TNC) has been providing the highest quality neurology and neurosurgery services to North Florida and South Georgia. In 2003, the practice expanded to include the Division of Pain Management.

Tallahassee Neurological Clinic has the only team in the region providing comprehensive neurological care. Adult and pediatric neurological and neurosurgical care is further complemented by our comprehensive pain management services – providing patients with complete and seamless care throughout all stages of their neurological condition.


TNC’s mission is to provide excellence in neurological, neurosurgical, and pain management care to patients in Tallahassee and the surrounding communities. Our highly skilled physicians are committed to providing world-class care, delivered with compassion, to patients and their family members.

The dedication of our entire staff, combined with the most advanced technology, make Tallahassee Neurological Clinic a trusted source for neurological care and information.

The goal of the physicians at Tallahassee Neurological Clinic has always been to provide excellence in neurosurgical, neurological, and pain management care to patients in Tallahassee and the surrounding communities. A close partnership with Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has made it possible for TNC to achieve this goal.

TMH owns, operates, and maintains the very latest surgical equipment, including microsurgical instrumentation, lasers, ultrasonic aspirators, and a dedicated linear accelerator for use in stereotactic radiosurgery. With neurological, neurosurgery, and pain management departments housed on the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare campus, the team of skilled physicians have access to state-of-the-art operating rooms and dedicated neurosurgery operating room personnel.

The presence of fellowship-trained neuro-anesthesiologists, also working on the campus, allows for intra-operative monitoring and superior overall peri-operative care. TNC physicians also work very closely with their neuro-radiology colleagues.

In an effort to ensure high quality of service across all specialties, a quality assurance program was incorporated in 2007, endovascular program added in 2012, and a 24/7 Stroke call added in 2019.